5 lemon tricks that you didn’t know before

Mostly famous in smoothies and juices, lemon has assets that go beyond its gastronomic interest… Here are 5 tips based on lemon that you may not know yet!

Lemon trick for oily skin

To relieve oily skin and limit acne pimples on the face, simply remove the makeup in the evening and then spend a cotton soaked in lemon juice on the skin. To increase the action of lemon, you can also apply a weekly treatment (fifteen minutes in the evening) on ​​your face, using a mask consisting of a tablespoon of lemon and another of honey.

Lemon trick against fever blisters

Inesthetic and painful, fever blisters are the kind of things we would like to get rid of immediatly. And it’s possible with lemon! Simply squeeze half a lemon into a bowl and dip the end of a cotton swab. Then apply the cotton swab on your button and wait two to three minutes, without rubbing. For a faster effect, do not hesitate to repeat this gesture two or three times a day.

Lemon trick for light locks

Want to give your locks a lighter color without spending a fortune at the hairdresser? Squeeze three lemons and mix the juice with 25cl of warm water. With a clean brush, apply this mixture on your hair and expose your hair in the sun for at least an hour. The alternative in case of rainy weather: wrap your wicks in plastic film about twenty minutes! Finish the operation with a classic hair wash combined with a conditioner to moisturize your hair. For visible highlights, repeat this technique every week for one month.

Lemon trick for shiny nails

Citric acid is an excellent disinfectant against bacteria present under the nails. You can soak your fingers in lemon juice for ten minutes a day.

The quick alternative: cut a lemon in four, then rub your nails with one of the pieces.

Lemon trick for more energy

If you are not a morning person, this use of lemon may well allow you to have a little more energy when you wake up. During breakfast, mix in a glass the juice of half a lemon and warm water. The vitamin C that lemon contains will be beneficial to your immune system, digestion but also the awakening of your senses with its tangy taste.

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