Try to WIN Sonage Skincare Hydrating Mist and Soothing Mist

Available in: USA

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The famous Sonage Skincare brand is coming up with a new surprise! A new skincare giveaway where it gives two free products with many benefits for your skin: Sonage Skincare Hydrating Mist and Sonage Skincare Soothing Mist.

–> Hydrating Mist, worth $24.00– Ideal for dry and dehydrated facial skins, this mist decrease the amount of aging signs that appear with time, while simultaneously improving the skin’s complexion, tone, radiance, and appearance.

    • It is made out of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Ginseng, Grapefruit, Rosewater, and other unique ingredients that revitalize, heal, and brighten the skin.

–> Soothing Mist, worth $24.00– Suitable for all skin types, including the Acne one, this mist serves in calming the skin and creating a sort of balance in the oil level. Reducing redness that you may be suffering from, this product gives one a sense of freshness and glow that most skincare products miss.

    • Ingredients like witch hazel, sage leaf, rosemary leaf, thyme leaf, comfrey leaf, and calendula flower all work together to eliminate possible scars and repair your skin.

These two products are all you need to treat your skin, revive it, and give it a sense of freshness. After trying them out, you will realize you can’t live without them!

One lucky winner will be able to enjoy these two products along with some other cute surprises. Results will be announced on  April 20th, 2020.