Try to WIN a FREE bliss Pore-Fector gadget

Available in: UK

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Are you missing your esthetician? Did you already start complaining about your skin’s health and the pores that do not keep on spreading on your face?

Look Magazine wants to surprise! Now, you can WIN a FREE bliss Pore-Fector gadget, which is considered by most ladies as the at-home esthetician. This fabulous device uses sonic waves to improve one’s skin’s health.

Eliminating all the dirt and impurities from the skin’s deep layers, the bliss Pore-Fector gadget helps gain a brighter texture and complexion.

This device is used with a bliss daily detoxifying facial toner to wash the pores exactly like they should using powerful vibrations, of nearly about 27000 vibrations per second, to get rid of all the oil and debris.

It also serves as a facial massage device that can be used to massage the skin after treatments or moisturizers are applied for better absorption. This would still be considered better than hands/fingers massages.

If you are struggling alone during this lockdown period to get your skin cleaned, moisturized, and healthy, this is the solution for you! You can try it out now for free by participating in the competition organized by Look for a chance to be the WINNER.

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