Discover the Five Beauty Tricks of the Day

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1. Natural make-up remover

As effective as the traditional make-up remover, in addition to being incredibly cheaper and above all beneficial for your lashes, coconut oil can be used on a daily basis to remove your make-up. Apply a dab of this oil on the areas to be cleaned through a light massage in circular movements, then wipe your face with a slightly damp towel. Ideal for dry skin, the natural scent of coconut gives you a very pleasant and relaxing effect, in addition to a clean and hydrated skin.

2. Voluminous hair

If you are looking for volume, drying hair upside down is an extremely simple trick that we forget about most of the time. The trick works best in wet hair though! Results obtained with this method are incredibly awesome, as it gives hair a naturally voluminous touch.

3. Lipstick that doesn’t stain

Are you tired of the pink/red marks on your teeth or around your lips? Nevermind! Thanks to this trick, you won’t have to deal with this anymore! Two words: Translucent powder. Place a tissue on your lips after applying your favorite lipstick, then using a powder brush, cover the tissue with a generous layer of translucent powder. Your lipstick will last all day without you having to fix it ten thousand times a day.

4. Perfect all-day hairstyle

After spending an hour in front of the mirror getting ready, you still want your hairstyle to last all day or at least until you get back home. To do this, apply a hairspray on your pins through a light upside-down application for a long-lasting result.

5. DIY Scrub

Are you looking for a natural way of taking care of your skin? Got you! You can prepare a natural scrub yourself instead of buying one from outside. Mix coconut oil with coffee beans, then apply to your skin by rubbing lightly. This scrub is ideal for regenerating dead skin, nourishing your skin and reducing redness.


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