What are the benefits of black soap for the face and body?

The black soap is a main product of the ritual of the “hammam”. It is composed of oil and crushed black olives, which explains its dark color. In cosmetics, it is highly prized for its exfoliating, cleansing and purifying properties for the skin. You can achieve body and facial care with black soap by following these tips :

Black soap on the body and face for an ultra soft scrub

Despite the absence of grains, black soap is an effective exfoliant that can be used as a scrub for the face and body.

Wet your skin then apply black soap on your face and / or body. Wait 10 minutes and then rub the skin using a Kassa glove (which you can buy in most institutes, steam rooms, some beauty signs and some pharmacies) or a horsehair glove to eliminate toxins and dead cells. Rinse, finally, with clear water and enjoy the softness of your skin.

Black soap for the body: a homemade shower gel

Black soap preserves the skin and can therefore be used as a classic shower gel.

Dilute 2 tablespoons of black soap in a bowl of hot water. Apply the resulting mixture to the body as a conventional shower gel. Rinse by rubbing the skin with a horsehair glove.

To prevent black soap from drying out, keep it in the refrigerator.

Black soap for the face: an effective anti-wrinkle

Rich in vitamin E, black soap is an excellent moisturizer that has antioxidant properties. Used daily, it hydrates the skin of the face in depth, and prevents wrinkles.

Apply black soap on your face as a mask, every morning for 5 minutes. Rinse with clear water.

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