The Dos and Don’ts of Oily Skins

Oily or combination skin

Unlike some commonly believed ideas, combination or oily skin does not need a very drying cleansing. Samples Beauty provides you with the procedure to follow to relieve your sensitive skin.

What should you avoid?
– To avoid: Soaps that are too detergent. In reaction to soap drying, the skin produces more oily skin to compensate for this loss of balance.

What should you do?
– The right thing to do: Cleanse your face in the evening. As long as the imperfections have not appeared, a soap for acne-prone skin can work suit you.

– The ideal: Cleansing with a superfatted soap eliminates more easily the layer of sebum, dust, and bacteria accumulated during the day. In the morning, a simple rinse with mineral water would be enough.

– The extra tip: If you’ve already noticed the pimple flare-up, use a medicated soap. Don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist or dermatologist for advice.

– For oily skin, it’s the cleansing that counts! The ideal in terms of skincare is, therefore… the minimum required by the union.

– To be avoided: treatments that are too rich or poorly absorbed by the skin.

– The Good Practice: If your skin is simply oily and shiny, apply a lightly exfoliating cream in the evening to avoid clogging the pores and causing redness.

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