Who said we could not change hair color during the summer? Certainly not New Yorker girls!. Interviewed by PopSugar UK, colorist Stephanie Brown reveals the most popular hair colors of the moment in the streets of the Big Apple.

Warning: if you opt for a dye or wicks just before going on vacation, we advise you to protect your color from the sun so that it does not fade.


The sun-kissed sweep

The sun-kissed sweep is the color which mimics a return of holidays on blond hair. When we return from a week at the beach, our hair color gets naturally clearer. This is one of the most popular requests among New Yorkers. It will look good on any skin tone and will brighten up the face, every time!

The cinnamon sweep

Perfect for dark hair and darker skin tones, the cinnamon sweep adds here and there some locks that warm up the natural color of our hair. A light shoot that instantly gives good looks. it goes really well on frizzy or curly hair.


High up Ombre

In New York, everything goes at 100 per hour. This is good, there is a hair color perfect for girls in a hurry: the high-up ombre. A technique consisting of not starting the color too high on the hair to avoid demarcations when the roots grow back.



The chocolate color is a must-have to enhance or soften a brown. To sublimate this color and find the one that suits you the best, everything is in the reflection. Choose to add some golden locks  with a matte and mahogany complexion in case you have a pale skin.


Golden blond

If New Yorkers have opted for a cool blonde, they are now inspired by the girls on the west side. Like the Californians, they want a beautiful golden blonde, warm, bright; It can also fit all skin tones.

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