Simple tips to hold the concealer all day long

To fix your concealer and prevent it from running into your fine lines during the day, there are several tips :


Apply a special base before applying your concealer. Its purpose is to create a thin layer between the skin and the product, allowing the concealer not to run into all the irregularities of the skin. It will thus remain consistent and uniform.


A crucial step in holding your product together: powdering

To consolidate and fix your concealer, apply translucent powder on top. The powder will prevent your concealer from shining and looking wet (especially if it is in the form of a cream), so the result will be even more natural.

Fixing Spray

You can also use a fixing spray, which will hold your concealer but also the rest of your make-up! Simply apply the mist about 30 cm from your face. No fear, it will not leave a wet film on the skin. On the contrary, fixing sprays have the particularity of being imperceptible.