It’s that time of the year again! Going to nature, make barbecues with friends, go to the beach. All these activities that will probably make someone say the fabulous sentence: Let’s take a selfie ! Some of us get worried about whether they will look good on the picture or not. I mean, it is hard to tell the whole group to make another selfie just because you do not like your face on the first one. Well.. I have some tips for the perfect selfie, whether it’s a group picture or not.

The light:

It must not be direct or artificial. Avoid full sun but also flashes, which bring out the defects of the skin.
The best lightning spots are the light of the day, a little shade under a tree, the light of an early morning or a late afternoon when the sun is rising or setting. In general, the place for a selfie is behind the window, put the phone one the window; if it’s someone who is taking the picture, he or she has to position itself back to the window. In brief, make sure the light is behind or over the photographer.

The angle:

Always stretch the arm to the maximum, and zoom slightly to break the effect wide angle that distorts the face when taken close. Also, never take a selfie from the low angle (from below), it brings out the necks and the jaws.

The expression:

Adopt the principle of the half-smile, more soft and embellishing than the one who discovers the gums.

The eyes:

You should make your eyes stand out. You might also avoid the frozen side of a picture by looking slightly next to the objective. If you are one of those who close their eyes in every photo, the hint is to close your eyes 5 seconds before the photo and slowly open them when the photo is being taken.

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