Say goodbye to your puffy eyelids thanks to these tips

Stress, alcohol, tobacco, pollution, insomnia, or even heartache … These are some of the many factors that can cause swollen eyelids.

Waking up with tired with puffy eyes is something very common. But we think we have the solution.

Today, we offer you multiple natural remedies and effective tips to relax your eyes and minimize their deflation in the morning.
So here are some tips to fight against swollen eyelids.

Drink enough water :

Our eyes swell often because of water retention. Excess salt or alcohol can therefore swell your eyes. Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee or eating too much salt before going to sleep and remember to hydrate often. Drinking plenty of water will help hydrate the area and reduce swelling.

Use cold spoons :

Another solution that can help you deflate your eyelids is to place cold spoons on your tired eyes for 5 minutes. This very simple trick will allow you to relax your eyes naturally, quickly and efficiently. So keep small teaspoons in your fridge to always have on hand when your eyes swell.

Put herbal tea compresses on your eyes : 

Herbs and mainly chamomile and tea are excellent remedies for puffy eyes. We advise you to make an infusion of tea or chamomile in hot water and plunge compresses. Allow the compresses to cool before placing them on your eyes for a few minutes.

Raise your head during your sleep : 

Keeping your head in a low position during your sleep may cause fluid stagnation in the eyes, which can cause swelling. To better allow these fluids to evacuate, it is better to keep your head and a higher position than your body.

Apply cold salted milk : 

Here is another tip that will allow you to get rid of swollen eyes.

You can mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of cold milk. Plunge two cotton discs and apply them on your eyes for about 10 minutes. You can also apply warm salt water or cold water. For better results, consider applying this remedy at night, before going to bed.

Appy rose water :

Another simpler way to deflate your eyelids is to use rose water or cornflower water. By applying a little of one of these two waters every morning, your eyes swollen will fade and they will quickly regain their vitality.

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