Perfect nude make-up : 3 easy steps

Glitter and extreme colors are out of date. Today, makeup is “nude”, delicate, transparent, it sublimates without hiding and draws without plastering.

For a perfect complexion

To give a beautiful impression of “bare skin”, choose a fluid foundation (less covering than a classic foundation), the exact color of your skin tone. Apply to the finger and dab to standardize. Then put a drop of concealer a little lighter on the shadows of your face: chin, wings of the nose, under the eyes and on the eyelids. Tap to unify and apply a powder, free and transparent! I will fix everything and give your skin a nice and soft look.

Additional trick : For a nude zero-defect effect, you should limit redness and imperfections. For this, remember to clean your skin at night, whether you wear makeup or not, with a gentle clenser and perfectly adapted to your skin type.

For an intense look

When makeup is slightly invisible, eyebrows gain visibility. Style them up and out of your face, with a small brush, in the direction of their natural implantation. If necessary, fill the gaps with a matte pencil. Then apply a neutral eye shadow on the bulge of your eyelid (dew or caramel for blue eyes, purple or brown for green eyes, plum or sand for brown eyes). Finish with a touch of mascara the color of your eyelashes (black, brown or simply transparent).

Additional tirck : There are eyebrow pencils. Use them before styling your eyebrows so they can stay flawless all day long.

For ultra-thin lips

Here again, we focus on simplicity and transparency. Use a pencil around the lips (flesh color) to redraw your mouth and then color it. Add a little pink or very sweet brown gloss for a light greedy effect and to bring light. For an ultimate alternative nude makeup, you can just use a moisturizing balm.

Additional trick : The mouth should always be slightly denser in tone than the complexion, an essential tip to avoid a monochrome effect that would spoil your beautiful freshness.

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