Some of us manage to smell good all day long: when they arrive at the office, when they just woke up and even after walking for thirty minutes. No, their skin is not naturally scented and it is not genetic. They simply apply a few tips!

Samples Beauty reveals in this article, Meghan Markle’s five little secrets to smell good at all time. It’s not a coincidence that she is now the wife of a prince!

Choose a whole range of scented products

Putting perfume on oneself is not enough to smell good all day. If you want to make the scent last longer, apply a scented moisturizer in the morning on your hands and face. This skin product is less strong than a perfume and will not bother your colleagues or your classmates.

Before going out for a drink, spray your perfume on these areas of the body: neck, wrist, neck and the inside of the elbow.

Finally, use scented shower gels … Preferably, the same range as your perfume of the moment.

Use a scented laundry product

Choose your laundry taking into account these four criteria:

Efficiency: Do not lose sight of the primary function of this product, you are using it to make your clothes clean.
The formula: If you wish, opt for an ecological product that pampers your clothes while preserving the environment.
The perfume: If you are not allergic to it, choose a detergent with your favorite perfumes (vanilla, pomegranate, citrus…). it is also a good idea to pair this scent with the perfume you wear everyday. if it is fruity, use a laundry product with the scent of fruits, for example.

Put a little perfume in your iron

here’s another cool tip: put a little perfume on your iron, your clothes will smell amazing for a long time!

Be careful, don’t put regular perfume in the tank of your iron! Scented waters usually contain alcohol, an ingredient that may stain your clothes. Instead, opt for specially formulated alcohol-free fragrances. For a more natural option, use orange blossom water, rose water, lavender or other scents that are ALCOHOL-FREE. You can also add a few drops of essential oils in the washing machine.

Make your hair smell good too

Again, it’s not about putting your regular perfume on your hair. It will damage them and dry them up. There are mists made for hair with scents that will make everyone turn their heads! You can find a hair mist with the same notes as your usual perfume. Feel free to spray it on your lengths to smell good all day long. Keep the mist away from your scalp or it might dry it out.

Store your fragrances the right way

It is important to store your perfume bottles in a cool, dark place – avoid the bathroom – as heat and light can deteriorate the quality of your perfume. Keep them in a drawer in a room where you do not have a heater on.

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