Make-up tips for beginners

Either you’re familiar with make-up basics or you’re just getting started with your beauty routines, there are some tips that every make-up lover should know.

Follow these few makeup techniques to slay your looks and you can thank us later.

How to give your lips more volume

To give volume to a mouth that is too thin, draw in a rosewood pencil a new outline one or two millimeters from the natural line of your lips. Then opt for a glossy satin lipstick, or a gloss. By optical effect, the shine will make your mouth more pulpy than it is in reality.

How to make your eyes look bigger

A simple line on the upper eyelid would do the work. Avoid putting makeup on the lower eyelid: the smoky eyes effect or the black line inside the eye would make your eyes even smaller.

You can also apply a light blue or white pencil that reflects the light and intensifies the look. Then lengthen your lashes to the maximum by applying at least two layers of black mascara and emphasizing the outer corner of the eye.

How to refine round faces

If you can’t stand your round face, start by accenting your eyebrows to create angles and “break” curves. Redefine the oval of your face with a dark foundation or a bronzing powder. Apply the product under the cheekbones to emphasise the upper cheeks. Opt for a lighter foundation for the center of the forehead and the bulge of the chin.

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