Magic Ingredient: Coconut Oil the Great Master Key

I have already discussed the benfits of coconut oil, for skin, hair, teeth, and lips. This vegetable oil can be used for everything, it has so many vertues that it is almost impossible to list them all. Besides of the amazing effect on our beauty routine, coconut oil has other uses that will surprise you. In fact, this oil can be used in a wide range of tricks, from lip balm to house detergent. Through this article, I will show you 5 different ways to use coconut oil, and I will also provide you with a small video that can used as a tutorial.

House Cleaner

Leather cleaner: Take a towel, rub it in pure coconut oil and buff the sofa or the item you want to clean with the rubbed cloth, and wipe it off. It cleans and the conditions the leather.

Removes crayon marks: Use pure coconut oil and wipe the wall with a dry cloth.

Clean makeup brushes: In a water bath, melt the coconut oil. Then, dip the brush into the oil and gently scrub it with you hand.

Furniture polish:  Put a nut on a dry cloth and rub the wood to nourish it and revive it. You will have to mix the juice of half a lemon with 1 Tbsp of oil.

Removes labels: You will need 1 tbps of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of baking soda, and few drops of citrus essential oil. soak the item for few minutes and scrub it away.

The video below shows all the tips discussed with the methodology.

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