Women with damaged hair are yearning to have shiny and strong hair again… An ideal more accessible since the advent of keratin treatments. This protein naturally present in the hair fiber allows the protection and strengthening of the hair. But how does it work and what treatment to choose? We tell you everything.


What is Keratin ?

Keratin is a fundamental protein of the superficial layer of the epidermis and integuments (nails, hair). It has a protective role and fights against external aggressions such as UV. It gives the hair shine, suppleness and strength and it is essential for the good health of the hair fiber. This is why it is important to “reinject” it into the hair when it is missing.


The benefits of keratin on hair

Since keratin is a component of our hair, it is essential to preserve it. Hair expert Céline Dupuy explains: “When we weaken our hair with colors, repeated drying, brushing, it removes its protective layer that is keratin. “

Thanks to a treatment with keratin, the hair is protected again. It finds both shine and texture. They are easier to style, brighter, more nourished.


Keratin treatment: for which type of hair

A keratin treatment will be a real comfort for all damaged or naturally dry hair (like curly and frizzy hair). The people who do not have to do a keratin treatment are especially those with naturally stiff and healthy hair.


Different keratin treatments in institute

There are several kinds of keratin treatment. Among the best known are Brazilian smoothing and capillary botox. To determine the most suitable method for you, a visit an institute or a hairdressing salon.

  • Brazilian smoothing:

The hair is considerably relaxed, shiny and the hair fiber reinforced thanks to a deep injection of keratin. We remove the frizz and make loops more flexible but the goal is not to stiffen the hair as with a Japanese smoothing (much stronger and therefore more aggressive). This treatment is an investment because it lasts a long time (4 to 6 months) and deeply repairs the hair.

  • Botox:

It is a rejuvenation for the hair composed of keratin but also hyaluronic acid. It is easier to do and less expensive than Brazilian smoothing. But also less nourishing and of less duration (6 to 8 weeks). This is a more “light” version of the keratin treatment. The goal is to strengthen the fiber without necessarily smoothing the hair. With a greasy scalp, we start the botox at 5-6cm under the roots so the pores are not clogged.

To maximize the benefits of both techniques and maintain the hair at home, it will be necessary to wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo.

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