How to Save Money on Clothes : 4 Clever Tips

Learning to spend less money on clothes is the best way to minimize your monthly expenses. Yes, it is often quite difficult to resist when your wardrobe seems old and out of fashion, or when you spot this gorgeous black dress in a shop. Instead of spending all your savings, learn these practical tips that will help you spend less on clothes :

Make the inventory of your wardrobe

Making an inventory of your wardrobe may take a few hours, but it’s a great way to remember what you already have, and what you do not need to wear anymore. Often, some pieces of clothing stay at the bottom of your closet and you end up buying the same item, thinking you have lost or thrown the one you already have.

Get a fashion-pro friend

A friend who loves fashion will know how to advise you better than anyone. Thanks to her/him, you could spot fashion pieces that will always be fashionable in one or two years. So, you will not waste your money crunching on these sequined jeans that will go out of style next season.

Buy out of season apparel

When shopping, always aim for off-season clothes. For example, an intelligent shopper will be waiting for the cold weather to buy a new sundress or t-shirts. By applying this trick, you could buy as many clothes as you want without spending too much money.

Create a realistic wardrobe

Do not spend money on a dress just because you find it beautiful! It should match your silhouette and make you feel comfortable and beautiful when you wear it. Therefore, buy clothes that can serve you every day. Do not buy items that you like but that you would never have the opportunity to wear. For example, If you work in a business, buy more beautiful blazers, suits and heels. If you have to travel too often, invest in more comfortable clothes etc.

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