How to repair a broken nail with a tea bag?

Among all the struggles that we, as females, can undergo in our daily lives, nothing can be worse than breaking a nail! Indeed, this happens at that exact time of the month when all of your nails look tall and perfect together! And whenever this happens, you have to run to your beauty salon to get it fixed mainly through fake nails! But, you cannot do this every time it happens, right? And even though you do, well.. you will be running out of budget very soon!

Since, we know ladies go crazy in such situations, today we are sharing with you one of the easiest tricks that will allow you to fix your broken nail at home on your own. You will thank us after for this… To fix your nail, you only need to follow the instructions highlighted below:

  1. Take a tea bag. Cut a small piece of paper of the same size of the nail to be repaired. If you are wearing nail polish, remove it entirely from the finger.
  2. Coat the piece of tea bag with nail glue. Let it dry for a while.
  3. Apply a layer of false nail glue on your nail and place the tea bag piece.
  4. Position it with the help of the toothpick.
  5. Apply a new layer of nail glue and remove all air bubbles.
  6. If the break is big enough, a new layer of tea-bag may be necessary to solidify the fingertip. Above all, let it dry well.
  7. File the tip of the nail after drying to make it (almost) as beautiful as the others, and especially to prevent it from breaking another time
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