How to look sexy without doing “too much”

All women like to feel beautiful and sexy! However many think that “sexy” means showing more skin. It is not true! To the contrary, it takes little to ignite the passions. You can’t make yourself look sexy without doing too much? Samples Beauty are offering you a few tips and tricks to look your best with little efforts.

Stay natural

When we dress up and put our makeup on, sometimes we do not recognize ourselves. Makeup can actually do miracles and even modify your features! But in some situations, this transformation is not sexy. Instead of distorting the features of your face, emphasize your natural beauty. You will be so sexy without having the impression of borrowing the body of another woman.


Put lights on one asset at a time

We all have natural assets that make us sexy. And we are absolutely right to want to highlight and show them. Despite the many assets you have, avoid highlighting them all at the same time. Rather, focus, on one asset at a time! If for example you opt for a shirt that shows your cleavage,, wear a long skirt or pants to cover your legs, and conversely, if you wear a skirt, choose in this case a good turtleneck. And so on.

Choose your clothes wisely

Being sexy is undeniably associated with our appearance. Namely, the dress style, the make-up and the way we move. As for clothes, the most beautiful ones are pricey. That’s a reality that pushes us to buy cheap stuff made of materials that can quickly turn sexy into vulgar. That said, there are some items that can be sexy without costing too much! Instead of focusing on the cut of a garment, we should rather be interested in the material and fabric that play more important roles!

Do not play a role

You are who you are, do not try to change for others. If you do not like necklines, hide them. If you do not like to reveal your legs, do not do it! It is up to you and you alone to choose which assets to highlight to be more sexy. Just keep in mind that being natural attracts more and more men…

Play the suggestion card

By trying to be beautiful and sexy, we do a little too much, and we can quickly end up looking weird or vulgar. There is no need to show too much skin to be sexy. On the contrary, play the suggestion card to arise the imagination of your partner! A simple bare shoulder, a light neckline or a bare neck will make you much more sensual.

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