How to deal with the nightmare of Dark Circles?

Under the eyes, at the level of the lower eyelid, passes a very complex blood and lymphatic system, which actually passes under the thinnest skin of the entire human body. Because of its fragility, this area gets affected very quickly, making it often necessary for people in their thirties to react to that. Indeed, dark circles are a frequent concern because they mark and tire the eyes from the age of 30 onwards. Several problems are exposed: coloring but also the deepening of the dark circle.

Why do we have dark circles?
As for the reasons why we have dark circles, they are often hereditary and linked to the natural aging process. In this area, we observe three age-related phenomena that lead to a tired look: loss of fat, thinning of the skin and sagging skin. The loss of fat as well as the thinning of the skin makes it transparent and allows the venous system to be more visible, hence the appearance of blue circles, which are difficult to correct. Sagging skin creates bags, whether or not associated with dark circles, whose shadows create a “dark circle effect” even when the skin is not pigmented.

Against eye bags: A sensitive surgery
It can first be related to sagging skin with fat excess that causes a shadow to be cast on the lower eyelid, resulting in a dark circle. This dark circle can only be due to the shadow of the bag, or it can also be pigmented.
If the person wants to get rid of these dark circles, the answer is surgery. The area under the eye is very sensitive and failed surgeries do exist, with significant consequences afterward. Particularly in this area, you should consult a highly experienced doctor who is used to working in this area.

Under-eye injections
The underside of the eye can also be marked by a real hollow with a volume deficit that can be corrected with an injection of hyaluronic acid. The true hollow is the easiest one to treat, even if the procedure is still sensitive. It can still be filled with hyaluronic acid. The idea is to carefully correct it, by pricking deeply, in contact with the bone, but very gently. The result lasts from 12 to 18 months.
Another way of dealing with this hollow dark circle is the method known as lipofilling. This consists of injecting the person’s own fat to restore volume and fill the hollow. Here again, the recommendation is to choose the right specialist, who must have perfect control over the process. Indeed, unlike what happens with hyaluronic acid, the fat is not resorbable and, once the injection is made, the result is long-lasting.

Against brown or purplish rings: A peeling
Brown colored dark circles due to hyper-pigmentation are very difficult to treat. The coloring of the dark circle is, in the majority of cases, hereditary and becomes more difficult to deal with as one grows older. In fact, this corresponds to an accumulation of melanin, which is associated to a stasis of the microcirculation. For brown dark circles, the best response is the same as the one used to treat spots: dermatological peels. But one shouldn’t expect a miracle, even if the result is noticeable. Depigmenting peels have an impact on the stimulation of the skin. The purple dark circles are due to a thinning of the skin that shows the microvessels and the color of the periorbital muscle. There is no other solution than redensifying the skin. Among the techniques proposed: mesotherapy (injections of multivitamin products and very fluid hyaluronic acid) stimulates the dermis. The results are described as moderately satisfactory.

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