How to clean your make-up brushes ?

Since they’re used daily, makeup brushes are regularly exposed to bacteria, excess of pigments, sebum, and dust. It is therefore essential to clean them at least once a week to maintain a beautiful skin.

Discover some cleaning methods to get clean accessories!

Clean your makeup brushes with soap

Dip the bristles of the brushes in lukewarm water. Put some Marseille soap or mild baby shampoo in the palm of your hand and then apply the wet brush in the soap with gentle circular motions in your palm.

Rinse and repeat the exercise until the brush only clears the water.

Unclog pigments

Large makeup brushes for are often encrusted with very hard pigments. To remove them, lather the bristles on a silicone glove soaked with water and soap, then rinse. Renew the operation until the pigments have completely disappeared.

Let the brushes dry

You can use the tube-shaped plastic protectors that are provided for purchase. If you have thrown them away, the option of tubular gas bandages – available in pharmacy – works wonders. These techniques have the merit of keeping the shape of the hair intact┬áduring drying.

Last solution: simply let the brushes dry in the open air, flat if possible after having wiped them with a sheet of paper towels.

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