Personally, a toothache is the only illness that show up on a sunday morning or at any other day when it is hard to find a dentist. A toothache is particularly painful, which is why it is important to act quickly to calm the ailments. Some natural ingredients can be very effective in relieving sharp pain, thanks to their calming, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. In this article, I will share with you the remedies that my grandmother prepares for me when I’m in these bad luck situations.


In case of toothache, take a clove whom anesthetic properties are very effective. Put a clove at the location of the painful tooth; Tighten the jaw so as to activate the effects of the clove, which will be almost instantaneous.


Ginger has an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial action that helps relieve toothache. To do this, take 2 tbsp. of powdered ginger that you will mix with 1 tsp. of water to make a consistant dough. Then place this preparation on a cotton pad and apply it on the painful tooth without touching the gum.

The clay poultice

Soak some green clay powder with water. Using a wooden spoon, mix together until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Place the poultice on the cheek, at the level of the pain, and let act for 1 hour. Schedule poultice sessions throughout the day, but never do 2 places at the same time. Instead, think of alternating poses.

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