How to avoid ingrown hairs after hair removal ?

Disgusting and painful, ingrown hairs may appear after shaving or hair removal resulting in pimples, redness, inflammation. The reason: the skin thickens and the hair that can not pierce the dermis grows under the skin. How to prevent this phenomenon? Here are some tips to follow to avoid ingrown hairs and prevent them from coming back.

Exfoliate the skin

To avoid ingrown hairs, exfoliate the skin once a week with a gentle scrub cream and a horsehair glove. This technique has the effect of refining the skin, facilitate the growth of hair and prevent them from becoming incarnate. It is also advisable to do a scrub the day before the waxing of the legs or other areas of your body.
If you have an ingrown hair, exfoliate the area where this hair is located twice a day to bring out the tip of the hair.

Moisturize the skin

Moisturize the skin every day after the shower by applying creams (based on vitamin A) and oils (essential or vegetable) to soften and refine the skin texture. Then let the skin rest by spacing the waxes to give the hair time to grow. For very dry skin, there are so-called “emollient” creams that have the property of softening very rough skin. Note that hydrating the skin is also drinking a lot of water every day!

Laser hair removal

Waxing, electric hair removal or double or triple blade shaving are among other things responsible for ingrown hairs. You can try another method: laser hair removal or pulsed light. This technique makes it possible to permanently depilate the hairs and, as a result, the ingrown hairs.

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