How do I know if my perfume is still good?

Delicate product by essence, the perfume needs to be well preserved to avoid its oxidation. Discover the tips that will allow you to have an idea about whether your perfume is still good or not and how to keep it longer.

You have finally found THE fragrance you need. Fruity, floral or woody, it looks like you and makes you shine. But how do you preserve your fragrance? And how do you know if it’s still good or not?

  1. How do I know if my perfume is oxidized?

From the moment you first use a perfume, it never stops evolving over time. That’s why it’s important to use it quickly to avoid oxidation. Some brands indicate the expiration date on their packaging, which is around 30 months. Despite this time frame, we recommend using it within 18 to 24 months after opening, to avoid any risk of oxidation. Nevertheless, an unopened perfume can be kept for at least 5 years or even longer.

      2. How to recognize an oxidized perfume?

It’s simple, you must first pay attention to its color. If it is oxidized, the perfume may have a darker color. In addition, its smell changes, so you’ll smell abnormally sweet notes. So, there is quite a way to recognize whether our perfumes are still good or not. We only need to pay attention to this more often, instead of just forgetting about it, like most of us actually do.

    3. Tips: how can you keep your perfume longer?

If it’s not stored properly, your favorite fragrance can fade within a few months. That’s why we advise storing it away from sunlight. This is the most important rule. Next, know that once you’ve started, you must use it quickly because oxygen is one of its main enemies.
Last advice to keep its perfume as long as possible: keep it at room temperature. It’s no longer a popular belief that it belongs inside the refrigerator. You should avoid placing it in places that are too cold, like the fridge, or too hot (above 25°C). You know everything by now!

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