Makeup artists have a thousand and one secrets to create the perfect makeup. The latest technique that masters of the beauty are crazy about? Using two foundations for a perfect face! Here are five reasons to discover why.

Two foundations to adapt to the seasons

We tend to have lighter skin in winter. The exposure of our skin to the sun makes it darker. Ideally, makeup artists strongly advise to adopt a lighter foundation in the winter to adapt to our complexion and brightness. If we think that the light foundation is no longer useful once spring and summer come, we are wrong. Instead of leaving it in the draw, we should use it as a highlighter and out it in the center of our face, or use it for contouring.

Two different tints to sculpt the face

Instead of spending a huge amount of time trying to contour your face perfectly, we should use the lighter shade to sculpt our face, a darker shade on our cheeks and the contours of our face. It is less time consuming and will give a really nice look to all face shapes.


Two foundations for combination skin

If one has a skin with mixed tendency, the solution can be adopted two foundations to counter this effect. If you are in a period during which your skin is dry, use a foundation with an oil base to nourish your skin and make it look softer. On days when the skin is oily, use a matifying foundation instead.


Two foundations will help hide the imperfections better

In order to hide the imperfections better and after preparing the skin very well, you can apply a first layer of foundation covering. This type of foundation creates a mask effect that can be disturbing. In this case, you can drop another over with more glowy properties to create a custom-made complexion.


Two different shades to find your perfect color

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the perfect foundation that really matches your skin color. In that case you can try mixing a light shade and a dark shade until you have your skin tone. You can ask your makeup retailer for advice when you are shopping foundations.

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