Gloomy hair tips

Oh hair! Our biggest struggle every morning, every night, every shower ! Here are some tips that help me go over those little morning mental breakdowns.

  1. Make your blowout last longer than one day by rolling your hair into a looped bun and pinning it before bed.
  2. Flat-iron braids to get longer lasting waves when you take them out.
  3. To keep your fine , thin hair from feeling greasy, only apply conditioner to the bottom three-fourths of your hair, and keep conditioner away from your roots.
  4. Spray an unused toothbrush with hairspray to brush back your flyaways.
  5. Use cinnamon to stimulate the scalp. It will help boost hair growth.
  6. Press a dryer sheet over your brush bristles before running it through your hair. The dryer sheet will help control static!
  7. Pump up the volume by applying dry shampoo before bed. All that tossing and turning really helps to work the dry shampoo into your hair.
  8. For a better hold, spray your bobby pins with dry shampoo or hairspray before using them.
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