Food: 4 eating habits to adopt for a beautiful skin

Maintaining the elasticity and radiance of the skin requires regular maintenance and a healthy diet. Here is a list of 4 foods that have beneficial properties to have beautiful skin.


Oats is a cereal with many benefits. It has a high carbohydrate, lipid and protein content. These constituents effectively cleanses and hydrates the skin and contribute to its regeneration. Oats are also provided with a stimulating power that acts on anti-aging molecules, including hyaluronic acid. It can be incorporated into daily consumption but can also serve as the basis for natural home masks. Mix oats with milk to obtain a moisturizing dry skin mask. You can also make a natural exfoliant by mixing oatmeal, honey and sugar. Add the half-orange juice for best results.


The onion is the ideal ally of acne skins, thanks to its sulfur content. Onion also contains antioxidants and trace elements that nourish the skin. The onion is also composed of a natural antiseptic to fight against infections and other skin problems. This antiseptic property also gives it a quick and effective cicatrizing effect.


The egg is known and appreciated for its various health benefits. This food has many beneficial properties for the skin. The egg contains vitamin K in a quantity suitable to limit the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
The egg is a widely used ingredient in homemade cometics. Just make a mask with white eggs and your face will regain its elasticity. Egg yolk, very nutritious, also regenerates the skin effectively.

Sweet Potato:

Often forgotten, sweet potato is a food with multiple virtues for the skin. Sweet potato contains, among others, beta carotene, which restores radiance to the skin and a variety of vitamins including vitamin B, which works effectively by improving moisture in the skin. You can also make homemade masque recipes based on mashed sweet potato flesh, mixed with honey to soften your skin. For oily skin, add a few drops of lemon juice.
Sweet potato water can be used for both face and feet. Boil sweet potato and collect water in a bottle to be stored in the refrigerator. You can use this cold liquid to clean and restore tone to your face. For dry feet: after boiling, let warm water sweet potatoes and dip your feet dry. Sweet potato water nourishes and rehydrates cracked skin.

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