Five Foods that Have a Whitening Effect on your Teeth

1/5 – Lemon
It’s maybe sour and sometimes one of the most unpleasant things one can have in the mouth, but at least it keeps our teeth white. The acidity of the lemon acts as a whitening ingredient and also helps in fortifying the teeth: diluted in a glass of water or rubbed directly on the teeth, that’s all you need to do!

2/5 – Carrots
Thanks to carrots, we have white teeth and we respect the rule of 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Carrots are not only good for your health, but they also help to produce saliva, so we clean our teeth naturally! Economical and practical at the same time!

3/5 – Calcium-rich water
It can really seem silly, but yet it’s very effective. One shall start thinking about drinking a big glass of calcium-rich water after each meal, allowing the calcium to act on the dental plaque. The results are literally magical!

4/5 – Strawberries
Who is familiar with the idea that strawberries are good for the teeth. Not only is it good, but the vitamin C found in strawberries also helps in removing plaque and keeping our beautiful smile at its best.

5/5 – Lemon balm
It is our smiling asset for the selfies to come. Lemon balm helps in cleaning the teeth, it is anti-stain and gives us good breath. We put a few leaves in our bag for a little bit of fresh air after lunch.


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