Your hair must be released! More and more women are giving up brushing, straightening irons, and complex chemical treatments. They prefer to accept themselves the way they are. The natural hair is on the rise, to the extent that some give up brushing their hair. If you are on Instagram, you must have seen the popular hashtag #wokeuplikethis. Some girls even stop washing them completely, following the no-poo movement.


Style your hair, the natural way

The cool woman of today owes, like the it-girl Caroline de Maigret, the impression that she has not had a comb in her hands for years. Some even speak of a “brushing subway corridor” that consists of getting wet hair out of the house and allowing drafts to take over the styling and drying. An easy trend, but one that requires some mastery to not sink into the simple let go.

Messy hair looks sexy

A messy hair has something deeply sexy. It is thought to be defeated by the pillow or wind of adventure. The woman with a messy hair adopts the look of a woman who lives her life thoroughly, who has neither the time nor the desire to master everything, which privileges experiences and spontaneity. There is rebellion and a touch of aristocratic confidence in this way of defying conventions. She also trusts her own beauty and feels complete without any beauty hair treatments.

Letting your hair free doesn’t mean not taking care about it

Accepting your natural hair is a wonderful thing. However, you should still take care of it. Take some time to comb it every night. Apply coconut oil or some other oil on your hair or your tips after every shower. Do natural hair masks once a week. With time, your hair will look shiny and beautiful.

Natural hair can be wavy, straight or curly

If your hair is curly or wavy and you want it to be straight, you can have it naturally. There are some easy natural straightening methods online that you can adopt. You can also use curlers and wear them for the night to wake up with beautiful curls without any heat. For wavy hair, the best way to get them is by going to the beach. The sun and salty water will give them some beautiful waves and a wonderful golden color. You will also get the tan to look like a sexy surfer! Here is a quick video to learn how to have straight hair without any heat!

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