We wash them every day, and forget to hydrate them, so our hands have a hard life. Plus, with repetitive nail polishes, our nails lose strength and break easily. This article will help you pamper your hands and nails to make them alive again.

Invest in a liquid soap enriched in cream or oil

The beauty of the hands and the nails is first determined by their hygiene. Our hands are the the most exposed to washing products and by force, they become dry and lose their beauty capital. The solution is very simple, instead of buying any liquid soap, pick products rich in milk or essential oils for softer skin and more beautiful hands.

Cut your cuticles

Cuticles, or the thin, soft skin around your nails, is a key part of nail health. Cutting your cuticles incorrectly can lead to infections as well as painful and unsightly wounds. The use of quality creams and oils is the best way to take care of them. It is also recommended to push them slightly with a small toothpick instead of cutting them and risk injury.

Make an intensive treatment per week

In addition to a daily routine of moisturizing and using hand creams, sometimes you need to do more intense treatments. It’s actually about making a kind of mask for the hands. We recommend you use extremely rich lotions, make oil baths, then wrap your hands in cotton gloves overnight. When you wake up, your hands will be soft and pleasant to the touch.

Choose non-toxic nail polish

Conventional nail polish is one of the most toxic beauty products because it often contains a host of harmful chemical ingredients. Nevertheless, it is possible to buy nail polishes called “6-free”, “7-free” or “8-free”, less harmful, made without tolene, dibutyl phthalate, parabens and other toxic ingredients.

Dip them in lemon juice

The nails will easily get stained or have a weird yellow color because of nail polish, or too many manicures. However, you can naturally take care of your nails with lemon. Indeed, this fruit rich in alpha-hydroxy acid, clears the fibers of the nails while breaking down the remains of polish. Mix the juice of half a lemon with a cup of warm water and soak your nails for five minutes. Make sure you do not use hot water, so you don’t burn your skin.

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