6 beauty tips for a healthy hair

Hair has always been associated a person’s beauty. That’s why everyone is obssessed with taking a good care of their hair.

To help you have beautiful, shiny and thick hair, we will share with you today some tips to help you keep your scalp healthy and your hair silky smooth.

A well-balanced diet : 

To have a good hair and a healthy scalp, it is very important to have a healthy diet. The food you consume must be balanced, which means it must contain all the nutrients essential for the health of your scalp.

Green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, fish and chicken are a good source of protein for hair growth. You can also try antioxidant-rich foods as they boost your metabolism and improve the blood circulation needed for scalp health.

Scalp massages are very important : 

Massages help improve blood circulation in the scalp. It also divides the oils with which you massage, which strengthens the roots and helps keep your hair hydrated.

A massage with coconut oil gradually increases the chances of getting long, strong hair. Hair oils are important for hair growth and act as natural conditioners. These oils are full of essential vitamins necessary for the health of your scalp.

Avoid over-washing your hair :

When it comes to choosing the right shampoo for your hair, people are heading towards those popular and trendy products, instead of choosing the right one for your hair type.

In general, always opt for a a mild shampoo.

Also, intensive washing of your hair with shampoo can damage and dry the scalp and remove essential oils from it. And a dry, itchy scalp can be a major reason for hair loss.

Always use a conditioner : 

It is important to use a conditioner for your hair from time to time. Like a mild shampoo, use a mild conditioner.

Applying an appropriate amount of conditioner will keep your hair shiny and smooth.

It will also keep it free of knots that will not put stress on the root of your hair and prevent it from breaking and it will help manage frizzy hair while adding shine and volume.

Avoid dyeing your hair : 

Hair dyes are ammonia-based, which is a bleaching agent that can harm your scalp and cause hair damage. It has also been found that frequent hair coloring can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Coloring will remove moisture from your hair, leaving it dry. Instead of chemical-based hair colors, try natural dyes that are not aggressive to your hair and scalp.

Avoid brushing wet hair : 

Brushing wet hair leads to hair loss because, at that time, hair roots are soft and can easily lose their attachement. So the best thing to do is to let your hair dry before brushing it.

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