5 tricks for applying eye-liner

As an important part of your make-up routine, the eyeliner can be put in all seasons and all circumstances. Intense black, colored or sequined, on a work day or at a party, the eyeliner emphasizes the eyelids and extends your eyes.

Here are our tips apply your eyeliner and to make yourself beautiful with a brush stroke!

Choose your eye-liner :

No, not all eyeliners give the same result and are used in the same way.

If you’re a beginner, you will prefer a black pencil, which can easily go on eyelashes. The felt-tip is also a good option: it is quite easy to apply since the tip is rigid and allows a clear layout. Finally, the option of the pros is the brush, which guarantees the most accurate result. However, as the tip is flexible, if you are not used to it, it can be very complicated.

Try the small dots method


Too difficult to draw the line at once? You can put on small dots that you will just just draw on eyelashes. Then, it remains only to connect the dots. This is also useful when you can not draw a thin line or stay in contact with eyelashes.

Learn how to draw the comma

First, it is necessary to place the base of this comma. You should position your hand at the outer corner of the eye, not before or after, and you draw a small line that follows an imaginary line from the outer corner of the eye to the tail of the eyebrow. The length of this line is adjusted according to the desired result: if you want an “every day” liner, you do it rather short, if you want a more “fancy” result, you can go up to a centimeter . Then, you just thicken the line from the middle of the eye, to this small line. You go gradually, just to prevent your fine line suddenly turning into a huge mess.

To draw a perfect comma, you can also use tape. Put a piece of tape so that it meets the corner of the eye and the tail of the eyebrow. Then we trace the eyeliner. Remove thet tape once you’re done and you will find a perfect liner just like you wanted.

Correct any burrs

To correct your liner, use a cotton swab soaked in thermal water or micellar water. For the correction to be invisible, do not hesitate to tap a little foundation before resuming the process.


This is probably the best tip to control your eye liner. Mastering the liner requires training, just as the manicure becomes easier the more you do it regularly. The right time to train? In the evening, just before removing makeup. Like that, if you miss, it does not matter, you were going to remove makeup anyways.

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