When looking for our beauty routine, we often rely on our instincts or the opinions of our friends. The quest can be laborious before finding the routine that really suits us. Here are the five most harmful mistakes we make, pointed out by skin experts and their advice to treat our skin better.


We do not clear our face correctly

By habit or by comfort, many people are content to remove makeup quickly using a single product. If you use a milk based makeup remover, it is better to remove the excess of product with some micellar water or a lotion on a cotton pad. If you have oily skin, prefer micellar water alone. If your skin is dry use an oil or milk based remover or micellar water but hydrate your face afterwards. To clean up your face in the morning, use some cleansing foam or gel, which should be rinsed in two stages. Start with a stream of warm water (not hot, at the risk of drying the skin), then end with some cold water to tighten the pores. Avoid wiping your face with a towel, use tissues instead to avoid spreading bacteria.


Listening to friends instead of our skin

Last mask tested by our colleague, a new foundation that suits our cousin’s cousin … Most of the time, we have this tendency to listen to other people. We want to have that same glow as the neighbor or create our Beauty routines based on the advice given by our colleague. It is possible to ask a professional to make a complete diagnosis for our skin. It is better to use the right products, rather than copy what other people do. They probably have a different skin texture and different needs.


We do not use enough SPF

The biggest mistake we make is to override the use of SPF, a protection that our skin needs badly. Sun protection is not reserved for summer and sunny days only. You have to use an spf sunscreen or spf cream to protect your skin everyday.


We always forget that food makes or breaks our skin

Most of the time, we are very familiar with beauty routines and what should be applied externally to have a skin at the top, nevertheless, we forget that everything that happens internally plays a big role on the skin and aspect of our epidermis. A diet with too much fat or sugar for example, will have a bad impact on our skin’s health. To keep a glowy and beautiful face, eat more fruits, vegetables and drink enough water everyday.


We hide our skin problems instead of really treating them

Often, we choose our cosmetics according to the apparent problems that our skin presents and not according to the real issues we suffer from. We exfoliate to refine our skin texture, dry out pimples, or even apply foundation to cover scarring … So many gestures that do not repair the damage, but only hide it or even create other issues. We must include rituals and complementary treatments in our routines to make our skin feel better. Use a natural mask every week or every other week to repair it and moisturize it. You can choose the right mask according to your skin’s texture.

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