5 essential tips for a perfect skin tone

When it comes to skin care and make-up, the key for perfection begins with the skin tone. But it is still necessary to master this meticulous technique.

We all dream of a beautiful and natural skin tone. So our daily mission is to hide dark spots, little pimples, traces of fatigue and other imperfections.

Make-up is necessary, but it is also important to treat the skin in depth. The goal is not only to hide imperfections but to garantee a beautiful and natural skin and lighten up the makeup routine.

Step 1: Cleaning 

This is the essential step to take care of your skin and have a perfect complexion. Cleaning your face will free it from all impurities, and will prepare it for the next steps.

To do it right, opt for a care adapted to your skin type (purifying cleansing gel for oily skin, surgras cleanser for dry skin …). Be careful not to choose too aggressive formulas that would harm the hydrolipidic film of your skin.

To complete the cleansing, you can finish with the application of a tonic or a floral water using a cotton.

Step 2: Moisturization

The secret of a perfect make-up is a well hydrated skin!

Now that your skin is clean, you can move to the hydration phase. It is an important step to protect and nourish your skin, prevent drying out and slow skin aging. Normal skin will choose a light formula that will provide flexibility and comfort. If you have a mixed or an oily skin, a mattifying fluid cream is ideal for reducing shine. As for dry skin, adopt a moisturizer rich in soothing active ingredients that retain water.

The secret of a makeup that holds is a well hydrated skin!
If you want to treat a specific problem of your skin (wrinkles, acne, lack of hydration …), you can also apply before your moisturizer a face serum that will act on the deep layers of the epidermis.

Step 3: The foundation

To optimize the lasting of your foundation, start by applying a base that you can choose according to your skin type. You can choose neutral or colored to hide the imperfections (a green base to hide the redness for example), and then you can apply your foundation.

After finding the shade and texture you need, heat the material on your hand to make it easier to work. Begin applying the foundation to the center of the face and then stretch outward from top to bottom. Blend at the level of the hairline, the wings of the nose, the ears and the neck.

Step 4: The concealer

Now that your skin tone is unified, it’s time to deal with imperfections with the concealer. Choose a shade lighter than your natural skin color to not accentuate dark circles and imperfections. It is mainly applied on the dark circles and stretched under the eye contour from the inside to the outside, then tap your finger to melt the product.
Your concealer can also be used to hide small imperfections such as a small pimple or redness on the sides of the nose or chin.

Step 5: The powder

The last step to fix everything and matify: the powder. Using a thick, wide brush, gently drop some powder from inside to outside while tapping. You can use a thinner brush for hard-to-reach areas like the sides of the nose.
For a “good-looking” effect and to add shine, you can also put a touch of blush in circular motions on the top of your cheekbones.

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