4 tips for the perfect make-up during heat waves

As much as it is difficult to dress well in hot weather, makeup can be even more difficult! We have to fight to keep all the make up in place and to avoid melting under the sun. Between the dry lipstick and the flowing foundation and mascara, staying good looking can be a hard task !

Skin face is very sensitive, it is why it is necessary to find the right skin care according to every season. If you absolutely want your make up to stay beautiful under the sun, it is essential to choose your beauty products very wisely.

Always keep your skin hydrated

No matter what makeup you want to apply, it’s very important to clean your skin first. When there is too much sun and heat, the face is often the first target which can cause It is therefore very likely that one can sweating.

So in order to replace this water that escapes from you, always use a moisturizing gel or cream after washing your face. Water-based products are your best option to keep your skin hydrated through the day.

Avoid using foundation :

During the heat wave, it is often not recommended to use foundations. Although there are some good-quality products that are resistant to weather, the best way is to limit their use. The foundation may choke your skin and suffocate it, which is not necessarily beneficial for you.
If you want to have a beautiful result all the same, opt for a BB cream and liquid type blushes.

Go for a soft eye make-up :

For this season, try to forget the smoky eyes. Start by storing all black eyeliners and go on clear tones. Always opt for rather light eyeshadows and colored eyeliners. You can also focus on nude colors with cream textures because it holds much better than those in powder.
Unless, you want to have panda-effect eyes with flowing mascara, waterproof mascaras should be your new best friends this season.

Use thermale water for a fresh make-up look 

Thermal water is a must for summer. If you do not have it yet, You should get one ASAP.
The thermal water will fix the makeup in an incredible way to bring a touch of natural and freshness to your makeup.

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