4 beauty tips to prevent wrinkles

The outline of the eye is a delicate and fragile area that should not be neglected. The skin is particularly thin, and is exposed to the risk of premature wrinkles.

To keep a young and fresh look, here are some beauty rituals to adopt.


To slow the effects of time, there are certain beauty rituals to consider.

the first rule is to always remove your makeup. Start with a careful cleansing of the eye area, morning and evening. For this, soak a cotton disc of mild makeup remover and put it on the eyelids. Then make light gestures, from the inside of the eye to the outside. Your eyes are now clean and neat.

To decongest

Accumulated fatigue, tobacco, alcohol … Many signs of fatigue that, after 30 years, can form bags under the eyes. To improve the lymphatic drainage responsible for these marks, simply exercise a daily massage. Place your fingers at the birth of the nose, go up along the brow bone and then return under the lower eyelid. Tap gently from the inside to the outside of the eye.

Performed regularly, this gesture will help soften the pockets on a daily basis.

Other tips: you can also apply an ice cube or cottons soaked in tea bags stored in the fridge. Leave about ten minutes. The circulation will be reactivated and the contour of the eye smoothed.

Apply anti-wrinkle treatment

To prevent wrinkles, complete the beauty rituals above with an anti-wrinkle treatment, day and night.

Rich in active ingredients, the creams around the eye nourish effectively and help prevent slackening. No need to overload in product. Simply apply, with the index finger, three small dots of cream under each eye and massage gently. Always from the inside to the outside.

Small tip: before the cream, apply a special tightening serum around the eyes. This treatment will increase the anti-wrinkle power of your cream!

Protect your eyes from the sun

In addition to various beauty rituals, do not neglect sunscreen. UV rays damage the thin skin around the eye and contribute to the formation of wrinkles. So think, from April to October, apply a sunscreen index 50 under your makeup. For optimal protection, put on a nice pair of glasses.

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