4 beauty tips for a natural makeup look

Would you like to get a bright skin, sparkling eyes, sexy lips and pink cheekbones? This kind of ideal requires time, patience and a good dose of expertise. For beginners or undecided, do not panic, we have all the secrets of using makeup to achieve a perfect natural look, and we would like to share them with you.

Use BB or CC cream instead of foundation : 

Many years ago, the launch of BB and CC creams really upset the cosmetics market, as their manufacturers have promised the world a hybrid product mixing makeup and care. And if we talk about the nutritional and moisturizing properties of these creams, it is undeniable that they tone the skin in a very impressive way.

Of course, they can not conceal acne spots, but if you don’t have that kind of skin problems, you have no better option!

Use tinted lip balms instead of lipsticks :

At the moment, probably any self-respecting cosmetics brand has its own set of lipsticks. However, the problem is that even the shades closest to the color of your natural lips will be perfectly visible. Instead of the “natural lips” look, you’ll get lips with lipstick in a noticeable shade. And it’s not relative to the quality of cosmetics.

For a more natural result, start with tinted lip balms. This way, you will get an absolutely natural color and texture, moisturize your lips and save a lot of money since colored lip balms are 3-4 times cheaper than lipsticks!

Use brown mascara :

If you have soft facial features, your black mascara may stand out and end up distracting attention from the eyes. So instead, try a dark shade of mascara. It’s not much different from the usual black color, but it looks a lot softer.

You do not necessarily have to stop using black mascara. You can save it for special occasions when you will have to put on heavy makeup.

But for an everyday use, you may want to switch to brown mascara for instance

Remove excess foundation : 

If you want your makeup to be invisible with a glowy touch, you will have to use less products and also put on less than the usual amount.

For example, when applying mascara, do not stop after removing the excess with the integrated limiter. You must also wipe the brush with a paper towel. This way, you will add color to your eyelashes and you will avoid lumps.

Also, after applying your bb or cc cream, try dabbing the face with a cloth or paper towel. All unnecessary makeup will be absorbed and only a thin layer will remain on the face. The same thing goes for lipstick. Always remove excess to have a natural and glowy look

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