When we feel good about ourselves and take care of our body, we do not skimp on efforts. This drives us to spend a lot of time pampering ourselves. Indeed, sessions at the salon, massages, Spa are linked and are an integral part of our life as a woman. But that is not everything! Add to that the large number of beauty products we need daily. Our bathroom is crumbling under a mountain of skin care products and cosmetics of all kinds.

However, what we do not know is that each beauty product can be used in different ways. This is the case, for example, with lip balm. Samples Beauty gives you, in this article, six surprising uses of lip balms.

Give brightness to your skin

We all know the effectiveness of lip balm to treat chapped lips. What is less known, is to use this cosmetic as an illuminator. A touch on the bulges and the tip of your nose is enough to illuminate the face and give it a more seductive look.

Feet moisturizer

Well it’s surprising to say the least, and yet it is true. You can apply lip balm on your feet! It seems hard to believe, especially if you do not really see the point. Well, know that this small gesture will allow you to wear your most uncomfortable shoes without suffering. In fact, the lip balm creates a barrier between the skin and the shoe thanks to its greasy texture, thus preventing any irritation and formation of blisters.

Keep your makeup longer

We all would like our makeup to look better and last longer without constantly touching up. Well, it’s possible by applying lip balm as a makeup base! Indeed, if you apply a little balm before eyeshadow, the balm will play the role of a primer. The makeup will last longer and the color of the makeup will be even more lively.

Hair gel

At first glance, this may seem odd, even completely crazy! But in reality, the lip balm can replace your styling products and tame the rebellious locks. Just apply the lip balm with your fingers on your hair like a gel, and you’re done. You don’t want to apply too much, just enough to kill all the frizz.

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