3 actions that destroy our skin!

1- Moisturizing:

When moisturizing your skin I bet that you do it from the top to the bottom of your face, or from the center to sides. Well, you should stop. In fact, the planet we live in is characterized by gravity, a force that pushes us down.

When applying your face moisturizer, start from the neck and go up to the forehead. And from the center of the face to the cheekbones.

2- Areas where you must not put the products:

Also, when spreading your skin care product, you should avoid the area around the eye. Basically, this skin care is too rich in water for this delicate zone. This skin zone is so fragile that it absorbs everything. And who says too much water, says puffiness under eyes! Also, there are specific products for the under eye area.

3- Under eye puffiness:

Now let’s talk about these little under eyes puffiness! Another huge mistake is the way we massage them. If you are stretching the skin to make it look younger you are fooling yourself. Well, if you want to get rid of the puffiness you should put your index on the external angle of the eye, and massage gently by making circular movements and moving toward the internal angle of the eye.

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