Everyone dreams of having healthy white teeth. This helps to illuminate the smile and show a sign of good hygiene. In general, our teeth lose their shiness due to food such as coffee. Still, various foods allow teeth whitening. Discover some of these home remedies.

Fruits and vegetables

Strawberry: this red fruit contains many astringents. The latter are active ingredients which have the merit of eliminating the spots on the enamel, the superficial layer of a tooth. An astringent firmens the structure of the enamel and makes it more toned. For its part, the carrot also does good to human teeth. This crunchy vegetable helps to mechanically clean the plaque. The contact of the carrot with the enamel makes it possible to eliminate the remains of food that are encrusted there. It thus gets rid of the interstices and dental reliefs of possible food residues.

Nuts and coconut oil

Coconut oil also makes it possible to have white teeth. Lauric acid, a natural element that it contains contributes to the health and radiance of the teeth. Walnuts in general are beneficial for teething. Rich in different proteins, these foods provide the tooth with the natural elements it needs to repair itself. The same virtue holds for calcium. This mineral salt very present in the human body is part of the very composition of the dentition. Otherwise, proteins and calcium contribute to the good health of the gums. A good teeth reflects a healthy and balanced diet. This will be one more reason to consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a product with multiple virtues. This product frequently used in various tricks for cleaning and maintenance actually comes to grips with microbes. Used as toothpaste, baking soda will overcome the most persistent bad breath. By eliminating the bacteria, this product cleanses the mouth.


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