The Japanese put mascara on their eyelashes for up to a hundred times, Brazilian women like to straighten their hair and American girls shave their legs every day. Born in Rome, Tokyo or Rio, we all want to be beautiful. And yet, there are no countries in the world where we take care of skin, body and hair in the same way. It depends on what we have been taught, the climate, the way of life and the socio-cultural heritage of the country. Discover some interesting beauty secrets of women around the world.

Italians: The Art of seduction

From head to heels, the sensual beauty seems to be inscribed in the culture of Italian women from 10 to 97 years. Eyeliner, black mascara and red lips are the minimum with long shiny hair: the sexy elegance is the rule.

Brits: Rock and Tradition

In the land of Bach Flowers you can wear a black lipstick and XXL false eyelashes in the office and slip into an old-fashioned salt-filled bath at night, powder your body with scented talcum powder and perfume yourself with rose water. British women treat their delicate complexion with “green” products like Kate Middleton, with a veil of powder as a bonus.

Swiss: Priority to care

Creams, serums and eye contours are the basis of a neat skin. With the beautiful Swiss brands, it is not difficult to consume “local”, the second requirement of Swiss women. Skin care in this country has the same quality as chocolate or luxury watches!

Germans: Natural Spirits

We can say that organic cosmetics were born in Germany. The country is also leading the European market of natural cosmetics. It must be said that the Germans have always cultivated a way of life favoring respect for resources and skin. Fancy is more about the hair: a study has shown that in Germany, a styling spray could be used in 12 different ways!

Americans: More than Perfect

It is in the United States where the first scrubs, creams with fruit acids, peels and other fancy skin care products were born! The American woman does not leave her house without a glossy hair, the Hollywood eyes and the “French” manicured nails. Her legs are shaved every day in the shower.

Koreans and Japanese: Porcelain Skin

To display a smooth porcelain skin, women apply at least six products twice a day in a process called “layering”. And it always starts with the “saho”, or double make-up removal. Adepts of multi-masking and big eyes, they also spend an infinite time putting mascara on their lashes.

Brazilians: Straight Hair and Dream Body

In Brazil, practically one day a week is spent looking after one’s body, hair and nails. At home, or in an institute where this ritual is called Faxina. The luck of Brazilian women? The mine of exceptional plant assets of the Amazon rainforest. Many skin care products are made in the country and with high quality natural products!

Maghreb: Smooth and young skin

In Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, the girls learn very early to scrub their skin. They exfoliate their body with a harsh black glove at least once a week, in the hammam with black olive oil soap, or at home and they massage their face and skin with natural vegetable oils such as argan.

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