Farah Dhukai is a YouTube beauty phenomenon, blogger, makeup artist and hairdresser. This web queen went viral with her videos with unusual beauty tips. She is not scared of looking ridiculous, her purpose is to share all her beauty tips as weirdo as they are. Still, its beauty tricks are amazing. In this article, I wil share with you some of her best beauty tips.

Armpits sweat odor

Forget about the conventional deodorants you are using, it might be the one causing these odors. Take a lemon, apply some pressure on it, cut it into slices, and rub your armpits with it.

Blackheads and pores building up

In a bowl, mix one egg white with granulated sugar, whip it all until you have the cloudy paste. apply the mask on your face, then rub it as a scrub mask. remove the mask with a towel and rinse your skin with warm water.


You are one of those people who already tried all the commercialized shampoo that fight dandruff? Still, nothing really worked ! Well, this youtube beauty phenomenon uses a mouthwash product to get rid of dandruff. In a spary bottle, she mixes 1/2 of the product (she uses Listerine) and 1/2 of water, applies the potion on her scalp only and then rinses her hair with her usual shampoo.

Smooth frizz free soft hair, lighten/unven skin, or dark marks

In a bowl, mix some white clay with warm water, let sit for 10 minutes, then apply the mixture on your face, body skin, and damp hair. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it all.

Under eye dar circles

You can say by to your under eye dark circles by cutting a potato into slices, put them on the dark circles for 10 to 15 minutes.

Here is a video of Farah Dhukai that shows all the discussed tips as well as the results of these methods.

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