We are all used to Vaseline, a product that we use to hydrate our skin with. Well first, vaseline is not the product itself but a generic name for petroleum-jelly based products. In fact Vaseline is a brand owned by Unilever. This brand makes many other products such as skin creams, soaps, lotions, cleansers, and deodorants. But, let’s stick to our routine and talk about Vaseline as the petroleum jelly product. Most of us has already used it to moisturize lips, hands, or feet. Today, I will show many other uses of Vaseline that works magic when its comes to your beauty routine.

Dark lipstick struggle:

When finishing your makeup, you realized that you want to put some dark lipstick to enhance your self confidence even more. Still, when applying it your hand shaked and here you are! Dark lipstick around your lips ! No worries Vaseline is here for you. Using a Q-tip and a small amount of vaseline erase the extra product on your skin. You can also use this trick to completely remove the lipstick.

New lipstick shades:

As a makeup lover, we all have already imagined a new shade for our lips just by looking at the eyeshadow palet. Well you must know that it is possible! Mix a small amount of Vaseline with the eyeshadow and here you go, a unique shade for the artist you are.

Say bye to your baby hair!

It is hard to get the perfect ponytail, especially when we have the little baby hair coming out as antennas. Well, this is no longer an issue, with your fingers take a small quantity of vaseline and brush back to keep the baby hair in place.

Long lasting perfume:

Personally, I’ve always been so jealous of boys perfume ! How it is possible that their perfume may last for a whole day or more. I mean, we want this long lasting feature in our perfumes too ! And one day, I discovered that Vaseline can help in this sense. Put some Vaseline on your neck’s skin and spray out your fragrance.

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