Sweating can be a big issue for many people. Also, feet are for sure one of the the most affected areas. This feet sweating will probably lead to bad odors especially in summer when people tend to avoid wearing socks. To fight this sweating issue and avoid having sweat odors in shoes, one needs to regulate the sweating. In this article, I will show you the most effective natural remedies.

Carefully choose your socks

First of all, you need to pay attention to the socks you are wearing. This first tip might seem weird, but trust me it is the base. Why ? Socks can be made of nylon, wool, cotton, or polyester. Some of these fabric will enhance the sweating. The best ones are the cooton made socks because cotton absorbs humidity.

Cider Vinegar: an anti odor solution

As stated before, when the feet are sweating they ted to release a bad odor. cider vinegar is a good remedy for this problem. In fact, this vinegar has various vertues such as the antiseptic and astringent ones which will fight the microbes while diminishing the sweating. This solution will limit the odors while decreasing the sweating. All you need to do is a feet bath.

Tea regulates swearing

If you do not have cider vinegar you can opt for tea. Make a foot bath with tea, the tannic acid contained in the tea will act in the same way as the cider vinegar. It will limit the bad odor and diminish the sweating by the same mean.

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