Summer is coming ladies! Many of us are working on their body to be in shape for this hot season. Some follow a stric diet, other just go for a sport routine. Well whatever method you are using you can add these herbal infusions to your routine.


Mate is a herb mostly found in South America. Women from these region tend to drink it by infusing the leaves. This herb has some amazing health vertues, it is very rich in cafeine. Also, it acts on lipids, fats, and sugers by burning them quickly.


The seeds of this aliment contains a huge amount of cafeine. It is a natural food that stimulates catecholamines and adrenaline. The release of these t wo hormones motivates the body and makes it burn the fat effectively.

Green tea

Green tea, thanks to its diuretic properties, is an effective slimming. The green tea leaves are indeed rich in caffeine, and their action allows to destroy fat quickly, especially so-called “reserve” fat, a real scourge that causes excess weight.

The queen of the meadows

Or so called the meadowsweet, is an mazing plant for people who want to get in shape of reduce their cellulite. This plant is very rich in potassium salts, which eliminates water quickly.

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