You can’t stand anymore the hair removal process ? The pain of this ritual that you have to do at least twice a month. In this article, we will travel to Turkey and discover the method that Turkish women use for a permanent hair removal.

The side effects of going through a laser hair removal are various, also we do not know the long term effects. Good news ! It is possible to do a permanent a homemade removal at home. It will take some time but it is worth it. You might feel awkward about the principle ingredient used in this method, but you should see it as any other oil or cream you are using for your daily routine. Basically, it is ant egg oil.  Many researches has been made, and this oil does not have any side bad side effect, still you can ask your dermatologist about it. You can find this oil on websites selling natural cosmetics.

For a homemade permanent hair removal, you need to:

  • Wax the different areas where you no longer want to have hair. Be careful, you shouldn’t use a depilatory cream or a rasoire to tweeze.
  • Then, take a hot shower, or take a hot bath to dilate the pores.
  • Right after drying your skin, apply the oil or a cream made of this oil on the concerned area. Repeat this process each night until the next hair regrowth.
  • Once the hair grew again, remove them again and apply the oil again. Repeat the same process as stated above.
  • Step by step, you will notice that there are fewer and fewer hairs that grow back until they do not grow again.
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