Personally, I love being a girl, the make up, the clothes, the nail polish, and the caring products that we can use as much as we want. Still, there is one period of the month that makes me hate the fact that I’m a girl. Guessed it yet ? Periods ! The period cramps for me are a pre-taste of hell. About a week ago, while I was scrolling down on Facebook I found a video that shows seven pressure points on our body that help to relief the period cramps pain. I have heard about this type of medicine, especially when it comes the pressure points on the feet, but discovering pressure points for period cramps was amazing.  In this article, I will tell you about these points, and share with you a video that perfectly describe the methodology.

  • Hold and press the skin between the thumb and the forefinger.
  • Put four fingers widths below and above the knee, between the calf muscle and the tibia.
  • Stack both hands on the sacrum and lie down on your back for two minutes.
  • With you fingers press the area under your belly button. Precisely, about two inches below the belly button.
  • Press the center of the pubic bone for ten seconds.
  • Then, move a half inch to each side.
  • Move your fingers one thumb-width above the pubic bone, then two thumb-widths to each side. (Apply pressure with one finger for one minute)

Here is a video that will precisely show you how to proceed with these amazing pressure points:

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