Perfect skin: Ice Cube Method

The ice cube method is a beauty routine that has been used by thermal stations for a long time. In fact, this method has a lot of virtues that make the skin looks fresh. It is also an essential part of the Korean daily beauty routine. Through this article, I will show you the different uses of ice cubes and its different effects on the skin.

Indeed, experts have noticed that this method is able to:

  • Refresh the face skin
  • Prevent wrinkles apparition
  • heal the skin from acne and stains
  • Improve the blood flow
  • Give to the skin a natural and healthy complexion

A smooth skin

Applying an ice cube on the skin removes the sebum excess, and the wastes giving to your skin a fresh and smooth look.

Shrink the pores

This method can also be used as a low cost tonifiant. Before applying your make up, gently pass the ice cube on your face. It will make the delated pores shrink.

Under eye puffiness

This method has also made its proof regarding the under eye puffiness that destroy your fresh look. In fact, the cold improves the blood circulation causing the small bags to deflate.


Korean women have probably one of the most amazing skin on earth. Well, you should know that one of their favority beauty method is the icecube one. This routine delays the apparition of wrinkles.


First, you should always clean your face before using this method. Then, wrap 1 or 2 icecubes in a soft cloth. Once the icecube has started to melt and the tissue has softened, apply it on the face skin by holding on different areas of the face for 1 to 2 minutes, making circular movements, and climbing along the chin, the jaw line, the cheeks, the forehead, and the nose. Finally, use an acne treatment or a moisturizer.

PS: The procedure should not last more than 15 minutes. For best results, you can add lemon, rose water, green tea, cucumber, chamomile tea, and other ingredients to suit your skin type.

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