Natural moisturizing cream for body and face

Using each time different cosmetic products on my skin starts to make me scared about the repercussions it might have later. With all these documentaries and articles released about chemical products that are used by all cosmetic brands; and their correlation with skin diseases, I decided to look for some natural ways to make my own cosmetics. In this article, I will give you the recipe for a moisturizing cream that can be used for both face and body skin.
You need:
½ cup of coconut oil,
2 tbsp of green tea

1- Melt the coconut oil in double boiler;
2- add the green tea and mix with a spatula;
3- Keep the mixture on low heat for 30 minutes;
4- Using a strainer and cheesecloth drain the mixture;
5- Let it cool to solid;
6- Whip it until fluffy
7- Pour the mixture in a small container;

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