Nail tips

Nails represent a great struggle for most of us. We always have to wait for it to dry! If we put an additional layer wecan expect to put our  jeans on at least half an hour later or more. Here are some tips to make your nails look shiny as the star you are!

  • Clear your nails with vinegar to get a longer lasting manucure.
  • Keep nail polish in the fridge to avoid bubbles while painting your nails.
  • Get a glitter mani that won’t take years to refresh. Simply apply some craft glue as your base coat, and it will peel right off.
  • Lip balm can be a great cuticle treatment. Just apply where needed and push back your skin for smoother results.
  • Stretch a rubber band across your nail and paint the top part for a simple french manicure.
  • Paint a white base coat first. It will make your neon polish pop.
  • Submerge your freshly painted nails in a bowl of ice water to make them dry faster.
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