Hair loss can be a big issue, especially when the nature of your hair is the thiny one. If you can’t stand finding your hair all over your bedroom and bathroom, these natural treatments are for you!


The basil is known for its curative properties which make it ideal to fight hair loss. This tip will show you how to prepare a rinse water that you will use after your shampoo. You will need 3 handfuls of basil leaves and 1 l of boiling water. Infuse the basil into the water, leave it for 30 minutes until the infusion has cooled, filter it and use it as a rinse water after your shampoo.


Thyme, for its part, is an excellent capillary stimulant! Here’s how to create another rinse lotion that slows down hair loss by fortifying the hair bases at the root. The preparation is done by bringing 1 l of water and two handfuls of thyme to boil. Then, add 1 tbsp of cider vinegar and let it cool.


We all know the goodful of rosemary, it has so many good properties for body and hair that we can use it in every beauty tips. In this tip, we will promote an amazing vertue of this plant which is hair growth stimulation. To prepare the lotion, you will need 20 g of fresh rosemary and 1 l of cider vinegar. Macerate the plant into the vinegar for 15 days, then filter it and poor the lotion in a glass bottle. Before your usual shampoo, rub you scalp with this lotion for 10 minutes.


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